Can I receive a free trial version of the exchange?

Yes, we can provide a free trial license for download option. You will need to install the software on your server and use the license file sent by us to enable the exchange operation.

What are the requirements to set up the exchange?

Requirements from business perspective:

  • Banking account (or implementation of payment processor) so your customers can deposit fiat to the exchange.
  • Support manpower to administer the exchange (such as user support, fiat management for incoming funds, maintenance of cold storage etc.).

Legal requirements:

  • License for operation the exchange as well as knowledge of local compliance regulations (depends on the licensing process in your local region).
  • We send you a signed and printed contract via express mail (about 3-4 days international delivery time) that needs to be signed and sent back (takes about 2 weeks).

Technical requirements:

  • Setting up your exchange installation (3-4 days)
  • Application for SSL Certification (can be done synchronously, takes some days usually)
  • Rerouting the DNS entries of the domain where your exchange should be operated to our DNS servers (a few hours)
  • Customization of your exchange to implement your specific business case (this ranges from hours to months depending on the depth of the implementation you wish)
  • Testing and Go Live (a few days, but also depends on the amount of customization done)

Where will the servers be rented?

We usually rent servers in Germany as they are very cost-efficient and reliable. If you want to have the exchange hosted on servers in a different country, this can be done. Kindly reach out to our sales/service team and we will organize the hosting in your desired location.

Do you rent servers exclusively for us?

Yes, every fully licensed exchange operates on at least 3 servers exclusively rented for your exchange.

What can be traded on the exchange software?

The skalex exchange is very flexible and can handle fungible goods, such as:

  • ANY Fiat currencies, such as:
    • USD
    • EUR
    • CNY
  • ANY crypto-currencies, such as:
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
    • Dogecoin
    • Ethereum
  • ANY crypto tokens, such as
    • Based on Bitcoin (e.g. Colored Coin)
    • Based on Ethereum smart contracts
  • ANY tokens/certificates based on external systems

How long does it take to set up the exchange?

In general, the exchange with standard functionality can be deployed in 30 days. It is highly advisable to first tell all branding customizations in the front end as well as the exchange functionality in the test installation before opening the exchange to the public. If you require further customization after the initial consultation this will delay the Go Live date as the customizations need to be developed and tested. If you want to receive information about the estimated implementation time for added features we’re happy to provide an estimation.

How does the white label work?

White label means that we will host the exchange (if ordered as “exchange hosted as a service”) and customize it with your branding, icon and content.

Can we opt for a commission sharing basis instead of an annual license?

We don’t engage in commission sharing, we provide the license on an annual renewal basis only.