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A few words from skalex’s CEO, Benjamin Bommhardt.

Change is a strange feeling.

As the global events surrounding COVID-19 have escalated, our private and business lives have changed, as well. And those changes may remain for longer than many predict.

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things. It’s shown that mankind is vulnerable and has also exposed holes in the typically positive impacts of globalization. Equally as important, though, it’s begun to accelerate digital trends and push us towards a more tech-enabled future.

Due to the infectious nature of cash transactions, COVID-19’s rapid spread is sparking discussion of digital alternatives. However, when looking at the banning of stablecoins by some governments and Facebook Libra’s turbulent creation so far, we see that digital currency development still has a long way to go.

Due to non-essential business shutdowns and a dwindling demand, the coronavirus has affected industries across the board. To counteract this economic blow, governments have stepped in with stimulus packages and will likely continue to do so for some time. This aid comes at a cost, however.

Unlimited quantitative easing is a powerful tool which stabilizes wounded economies. But the results often lead to inflation. It’s in this scenario, due to their limited supply, that cryptocurrencies thrive. As Bitcoin’s third halving has happened this week, it is more likely that this latest supply shock will have a positive effect on Bitcoin’s price. The world is watching to see how this will unfold.

Unfortunately, poorer countries are already feeling the impact of this pandemic recession and are usually the areas at the greatest risk of spiraling into inflation. Providing a reliable gateway into cryptocurrency for, not only these countries but, the entire world is now more important than ever. Doing so is one of the only ways to ensure the protection of individual value.

In order to support the high demand of cryptocurrency in these difficult times, skalex is providing a discounted offer to our customers until the 31st of July 2020. The offer includes a 28% rebate on monthly licenses (for the first 3 months):

  • 3.000€ basic license (discounted from the standard 4.000€ per month)
  • 2.000€ managed hosting license (discounted from the standard 3.000€ per month)
  • 5.000€ setup fee (50% discounted from the standard 10.000€ one-time fee)
  • 120.000€ lifelong license (discounted from the standard 168.000€)
  • 89.000€ source code (discounted from the standard 125.000€ one-time fee)

This offer is only valid for new customers who want to operate a vanilla-style exchange platform. This out-of-the-box exchange requires only a small amount of customization work (<50 hours) to be set up to be operational.

The standard feature set included in this offer is our vanilla version of the exchange:

  • Centralized P2P exchange exchange system that allows your customers to register, deposit and withdraw listed currencies, and trade (Market Order, Limit Order) on a spot market.
  • Unlimited number of languages supported.
  • 12 of the supported currencies: BTC, BCH, BTG, BTCP, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, DOGE, XRP, XMR, PPC, NMC, any ERC20 token, any fiat currency,
  • Vanilla template of the front-end, and source code for the User Interface (allows you to make customizations of your front-end)
  • KYC system with unlimited levels and fields; either manually approved KYC (by your back-end admins) or third party provider integration (e.g. idNow).
  • Payment processor integration for: Paypal, Skrill, Epay.
  • Referral system over 3 levels that automatically splits trading fees profits.
  • Liquidity provision over Kraken for up to two markets (requires a business account on Kraken).
  • Email interfacing feature: Connect an email service provider such as MailChimp to manage your end-customer communications via email marketing.
  • Hot/cold storage for cryptos: Every listed cryptocurrency comes with a hot wallet and an automated cold storage process (called deep freeze)

If you would like to participate in this offer, please contact us..

Once we confirm your information, you’ll receive the reduced pricing. Thank you for your endurance and continued support during these troubling times.

Extension of the offer: In anticipation of the continuation of the corona crisis, we are extending our offer until 30 September! Contact Us

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