July 27, 2022 Skalex

We’ve rebranded

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July 27, 2022

Enterprise-level software consulting and development company, Skalex has updated its brand identity and revamped its website. The variety of goods and services that Skalex provides also reflects this improvement. The product and service lineup has been widened to now include Wallet Solutions, Asset Tokenization Solutions, NFT platforms, Escrow Wallets, Liquidity Solutions, and DAOs in addition to the well-known white-label software.

Skalex’s extensive portfolio helps customers select the best digital asset solutions for their business with services including Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, and Tokenomics Design.

Here is a short overview for a few of the newly added products and services:

  • Wallet Solutions: Multi-currency wallets make it simple to store and exchange different cryptocurrencies. Multi-signature cold storage can secure all cryptocurrency funds on Skalex-based exchanges, allowing you to keep your crypto funds locked up and safe from unauthorised access.
  • Asset Tokenization: There are numerous kinds of digital assets. Any asset in digital form is referred to as a digital asset. Crypto assets are digital assets that make use of the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies. Skalex can interact with any cryptocurrency, going beyond standard digital assets, inventing new ways to categorise and interact with purpose-built assets. The Skalex minting tool is intended to assist users in tokenizing a variety of asset types.
  • NFT Platforms: NFT technology has arrived to transform the Web3 space. From digital collectibles to smart contracts, the possibilities are endless. Skalex has created a custom NFT platform based on Substrate that enables you to create NFT marketplaces and other exciting platforms.
  • Escrow Wallets: An Escrow Wallet is useful in a variety of situations. Skalex has developed an escrow payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, enabling partial and provably fair economic transactions.
  • Blockchain Development: Skalex offers blockchain development services to assist clients in developing innovative and secure blockchain applications. Skalex can assist you in developing a blockchain solution that is specific to your needs and requirements.
  • Tokenomics Design: Skalex can assist you in developing your project’s tokenomics. Tokenomics is the economy that drives a project, and a well-designed tokenomics can help your project succeed. Digital tokens use blockchain technology to revolutionize the way real-world assets are transferred. Skalex offers two tried-and-true methods for deploying digital tokens: Ethereum Tokens and Colored Coins

Skalex is also utilising the vast knowledge it has gained through years of working in the digital asset industry to provide enterprise-level software consulting and development. Skalex’s trained professionals can help businesses and projects connect their operations and development to the frequency of their software releases, enhancing reliability while maximising performance.

Explore all of our products and services on our website at www.skalex.io, and schedule a demo with a knowledgeable Skalex representative.