September 12, 2020 Skalex

September 2020 Release Notes

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September 12, 2020

Introducing Skalex exchange version 4.1.0 SF4

We are happy to announce that Skalex has released a new version of the exchange platform, version 4.1.0 SF4. It brings an improved set of technologies, new features, and fixes.

The Skalex exchange platform consists of 5 components: admin panel – cx-admin, exchange frontend – cx-client, engine – cx-engine, API – cx-server, and wallet – cx-wallet. Our development and infrastructure teams are constantly working on making Skalex’s exchange software even more secure, flexible, and robust.

What’s new in version 4.1.0 SF4

Wallet changes:

  • gasPrice will auto update from network as default for ETH and ERC20 tokens. This solves the issue of delayed or stuck outgoing transaction due to low gasPrice.
  • Wallet will recognize and process multiple inputs in a single defrost transaction as well as RBF type of transaction.

UI changes:

  • Dark theme to the new UI design.
  • User’s see local time by default in Chart.
  • New workflow for fiat deposit and withdrawal:
    • Popup confirmation fiat for withdrawal request and pop up confirmation with unique code
      for fiat deposit requests.
    • New table showing unprocessed transactions.
  • Profile section
    • API Key page
    • Referral page with referral tree

Backend changes:

  • Direct transfer functionality: Users can send funds directly to other users on the exchange using the receiver email address.
  • Admin can switch chart to bidBased in admin panel.
  • Announcements: Admin can broadcast announcements to users on the UI.
  • Token holder discount for trading fees.
  • Admin can create custom 2FA protected actions.
  • Date and time picker on reports tabs to select a range of period for generating the reports.
  • Receiving addresses tab on admin panel now shows all the past addresses and whether the address is current or not.
  • Admin can create and save notes about users on the admin panel.
  • Admin user action logs display the history of admin user actions on the admin panel.
  • Admin can view the License Overview on the admin panel.
  • License no longer controls the number of ticks. Now unlimited ticks by default.
  • Group and personal fees for trading.
  • Group and personal fees and taxes for withdrawals, deposits and direct transfers.
  • SMS provider integration: SMS Global – 2FA over SMS
  • Payment processor integration:
    • Epay for deposit only
    • Skrill for deposit and withdrawal