Next Generation NFTs

NFT technology has come to revolutionize the Web3 space. Anywhere from digital collectibles to smart contracts. Skalex has built a custom NFT platform built on Substrate that allows you to build marketplaces and other exciting platforms.

Moving Beyond Gaming and Collectibles

With Blockchain Technology
Breaking the boundaries of ordinary NFTs by encoding powerful dynamics and custom characteristics that give more value to users and options to developers. Skalex brings you the tools you need to quickly launch an NFT Marketplace Application or work with multiple types of NFT or digital assets.

What Are the
Benefits of NFT

NFT Technology can be used in multiple scenarios. They can be used to represent ownership of digital assets, create decentralized marketplaces, present creative ways to assign loyalty points and advanced reward systems for your community, create digital collectibles, represent ownership of physical assets, be used as utility tokens inside decentralized applications, be used to power web3 games, and much more. Skalex presents you with the tools to build such types of applications.

Powerful NFT Minting Tools

There are many types of digital assets. Digital assets is a term that describes any assets in a digital form. Crypto assets are digital assets that utilize the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Skalex can interact with any type of crypto asset. We have gone beyond standard digital assets and have created new ways to categorize and interrelate with purpose built assets.

The Skalex minting tool is designed to help users tokenize multiple asset types.

Use Cases

Our mission is to pave the way for the next generate of NFTs. True decentralization of the web can never be achieved unless standard digital assets are tokenized. We share the values of the Web3 Foundation, and believe that NFT Technology plays a huge role in the distribution of authentic and transparent digital ownership.
NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces

The Next Generation of NFTs has to do with finding new applications to the technology, and moving away from collectibles. It’s about decentralizing a users control of their own data and digital identity. UGC is exciting and is creating all sorts of new revenue opportunities for brands and individuals alike, yet three primary obstacles remain in the way: Middlemen, Immediacy, and Copyright. With Skalex, new emerging UGC projects can use the runtime development to encode smart contracts that will help solve this obstacles and create the next innovative social platform.

Exchange Platforms

Exchange Platforms

The global cryptocurrency market has grown by 2,000% since 2019, it is expected to continue growing rapidly and with it, the ever increasing need for means of exchanging and trading. There are many types of traditional exchange platforms, Skalex has developed a decentralized exchange engine where objects are assets and morphisms are rates, creating a mathematical formalization for an exchange (assets, accounts, rates and transactions). Companies can use as a market exchange simulator, applying value to digital assets/twins which automate the operation of real-world processes or stick to traditional trading systems.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

Implementing blockchain technology in MMOs would highly benefit independent game developers. It has the potential to be a democratizing factor by providing a decentralized network for multiplayer functionality hosting, and could be a key ingredient to building better gaming communities through collaboration. By combining the tools provided by Skalex, independent game developers might be able to create multiplayer experiences that are as engaging and immersive as Triple-A publishers without incurring the prohibitive production costs.

Esports and Entertainment

Esports and Entertainment

Take your Esports/Digital Entertainment platform to the next level by connecting to Skalex Blockchain. Become a leader in your space by introducing new and exciting features that will motivate your community to engage with your products and culture. Distribution of true digital ownership and dynamic user reward systems are quickly becoming the future of eSports and Digital Entertainment consumption. SugarFunge is the gateway to applying gamification mechanics to your ecosystem, and providing more value in the form of digital goods.

White Label NFT Marketplace and APIs

Enable your application with our powerful trading tools built with the purpose of connecting company operations on the blockchain using NFT technology to simulate business logic in a decentralized way.

Skalex is a highly customizable and fully decentralized peer-to-peer digital asset exchange platform, which provides a modular tool set that will enable companies to build custom enterprise level decentralized applications more quickly and efficiently.

Upgrade your stature in the industry, with our professional interface, powerful matching engine, automated market makers, integrated wallets, advanced security measures and flexible governance.

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