W12 is an open protocol for creating and executing smart contracts. The protocol consists of templates for smart contracts (no programming skills required), DAO management and a decentralized network of oracles, which control the execution of project roadmap milestones. The technology developed by W12 reduces risks, protects against scams, reduces costs, removes the need for third parties, increases transparency in the Сharity, ICO, STO and Сrowdfunding markets. The decentralized autonomous organizations created on the basis of smart contracts will change the approach to financing the varaity of projects, such as creation of music and films, conducting events, monetizing the channels of bloggers, etc. The W12 protocol is easily integrated into any existing business, platform or organization. In addition, W12 provides a platform for selling tokens by using which projects can sell their tokens and run fundraising campaigns based on the W12 protocol with ease.


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Oleg Sharpatyy
COO and Founder
Andrey Granovskiy
CEO & Founder
Michael Korneev
David Kuhl
Business Development Director
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Head of marketing
Rodion Nikiforov
IT specialist
Kirill Khoroshilov
Front-end developer
Vlad Portnoy
Front-end developer
Valery Platonov
Senior developer
Ibrahim Tletseri
Art director
Nelly Pankovichenko
IR and business development
Savilya Akhmedova
Business development