Trust Funding Coin



TFC conducts crowdfunding by listing only excellent businesses in the Trust Funding Platform (TFP)

Our core value and business model at Trust Funding Association (TFA) focus on the protection of the assets of our investors. We pledge to use Trust Funding Platform (TPF) to analyze business feasibility of ICO and crowdfunding in the rapidly growing virtual currency and to monitor and review the distribution of the new coins. In addition, we will enable our investors to anticipate profits as well as protect their assets by sharing select information with the investors. Furthermore, the investors will not only be able to preserve parts of their invested assets through Trust Funding Insurance (TFI) even in case of fraud, but also enjoy a wider scope of benefits simply by joining the TFC (Trust Funding Coin)Holder Club. In sum, our objectives at Trust Funding Association (TFA) are to allow the investors to create profits while receiving protection. The protection of investors is the core value at TFA. ​



Token Technology


Total Supply of Tokens


Business Location

Rates and Bonuses

  • investors who have participated in Pre- ICO  10 %
  • investors participating in ICO  60 %
  • development report and advisor  7 %
  • Founder  7 %
  • development funds  15 %


Justin Cha
Project Manager
Edward Keem
Token Architect
Michael Kim
Product Development
Peter Nam
Legal Counsel
Peter Seo
ITT Architect & Project Manager
Ray Kang
Sale & Marketing
David Kwon
Sale & Marketing
Allen Cho
Sale & Marketing
Alex Kang
ICO Advisor
Andy Park
Legal Advisor
Henry Hyun
Business Advisor
Jay Lee
Financial Advisor
Bob Kim
Blockchain Advisor