STEEL Ecosystem



The decentralized anonymous STEEL Ecosystem is designed to create a single solution for highly secured data sharing, messaging, and payment transactions.

The STEEL Ecosystem simultaneously offers the best guarantees of privacy, anonymity and security due the use of a decentralized block chart, blockchain technology, hybrid Tor network, and implementation of PGP encryption, which after 20 years has proven its superb capability of protecting that inherent right for privacy and freedom online. This is what makes the STEEL Ecosystem a completely anonymous and safe environment. Our solution allows exchanging confidential information online with clients, colleagues, patients or friends in a completely secure manner. The STEEL Ecosystem contains the anonymous STEEL Messenger, the decentralized STEEL Network for secure data exchange, cryptocurrency STEEL Wallet, own SISHUB blockchain network and decentralized complex blockchain-based STEEL Antivirus software for desktop and mobile devices.


Infosec / Informational Security / Cybersecurity

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Artur Andonis
CEO & Co-founder
Vladimir Groshev
Semion Tsitkilov
CFO & Co-founder
Michael Lyabin
CTO & Blockchain Developer
Pavel Krivenko
Strategic Planning
Ivan Pavlov
Antivirus Developer
Gennadij Vasilkovets
.NET Developer
Irina Belyaeva
Public Relations
Roza Dolgieva
Marketing Communications
Borys Balinskyi
Front-end Developer
Vasiliy Holovchenko
Graphic Designer
Yulia Stratonova
Sales Manager
Andrey Shakula
Front-end Developer
Andrey Shvydkyy
.NET Developer
Valerii Roman
.NET Developer
Vitalii Lozovitskii
.NET Developer