RepuX is launching a decentralized, Ethereum-backed platform for SMEs to upload and sell data to other users on the network. The data will be encrypted and distributed securely across the globe using IPFS. SMEs will be able to sell data to developers who can then use the data to create DAPPS, which can then be sold back to SMEs to grow and scale their businesses. Reputation scores are determined by the purchasers, which keeps the data sellers honest. The RepuX platform forms the foundation for a SME-developer ecosystem wherein all parties benefit from a more transparent and efficient platform for data exchange.


Data exchange

Token Technology


Total Supply of Tokens


Business Location

Rates and Bonuses

  • 50% discount for presales  
  • General sale 30% to 10% discount depending on dates  
  • 1 RepuX coin equals:  0.2 USD


Marcin Welner
Management Team
Tomasz Tybon
Management Team
Daniel Kmak
Developer Team
Przemysław Kocznur
Developer Team
Krzysztof Durałek
Developer Team
Dawid Rashid
Developer Team
Taras Bazyshyn
Developer Team
Rafał Książek
Developer Team
Damian Babula
Developer Team
Pierre Benezech
Developer Team