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Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up project developing Augmented Reality apps for Android, iOS, Intel smart glasses and Windows Mixed Reality. It is created by a team of forward-thinking professionals consisting of Bio and Information-Systems experts with strong experience in AI systems, user interface design, 3D modelling and a driving interest in human-augmentation technology. We believe when you embed sufficiently comprehensive AI into an Augmented Reality software solution, the resulting multiplier effect on human consistency, processing speed, memory and parallelism will improve the human quality of life, allow us to compete with pure-AI systems in the future, and potentially slow down or prevent an outright overtake of human work effort by AI.


Augmented Reality

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Rates and Bonuses

  • 09-10 March- 5,000 ARX  1 ETH [ICO limited day 1 bonus]
  • 10-16 March- 4,500 ARX  1 ETH [ICO limited week 2]
  • 16-23 March- 4,000 ARX  1 ETH [ICO limited week 3]
  • 23-30 March- 3,500 ARX  1 ETH [ICO limited week 4]
  • 30Mar-2 April- 3,250 ARX  1 ETH [ICO unlimited day 1 bonus]
  • 2-8 April- 3,000 ARX  1 ETH [ICO unlimited week 1 bonus]
  • 15-22 April- 2,750 ARX  1 ETH [ICO unlimited week 2 bonus]
  • 22-29 April- 2,500 ARX  1 ETH [ICO unlimited week 3 bonus]
  • 29-6 May- 2,250 ARX  1 ETH [ICO unlimited week 4 bonus]


Travis Roe
CEO & Product Architecture Leader
Craig Straw
Marketing & Strategy Leader
Qingqing Wang
Research Leader – Human Augmentation, Lens Integration
Mark Palmer
Technology & Concepts Leader
Elad Dolev
DevOps / Blockchain
Lora Yessenova
Marketing & Communications Advisor
Shahar Namer
CEO – The ICO Rocket Group
Assaf Bardougo
Marketing & Communications Advisor