Asset Tokenization Platform

There are many types of digital assets. Digital assets is a term that describes any assets in a digital form. Crypto assets are digital assets that utilize the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

Skalex can interact with any type of crypto asset. We have gone beyond standard digital assets and have created new ways to categorize and interrelate with purpose built assets.

The Skalex minting tool is designed to help users tokenize multiple asset types.

Utilizing blockchain technology, digital assets revolutionize the way of transferring real-world assets. We provide multiple assets types through our tokenization platform and a powerful minting tool for running items on-chain therefore reducing the gas fee of external operations.

How Digital Assets Work

A digital asset is similar to issuing a check in a digital form. The holder of the asset has the right to claim the underlying asset. Any transferrable asset such as a car, a house, a computer, or also intangible assets such as property rights and licenses, can be represented through digital tokens.
If a company issues digital tokens for its stocks, for example, the receiver of these tokens possesses the right to claim these stocks in exchange for the tokens. Or to go one step further, holding a token equals ownership of the underlying stocks.
Moreover, these tokens can also be passed around between other people. Every transaction of those digital tokens is recorded on a blockchain, providing full transparency about the ownership and security at the same time without needing a central authority or clearing house to regulate anything which in return saves costs and time.
The company can even handle its whole dividend payment procedure automatically through these digital tokens because the whole logic behind dividend payouts can be embedded into each token.

Fungible Assets

Fungible Assets are crypto-based assets that are interchangeable for commercial purposes and the properties of which are identical.

Many blockchain powered ecosystems use this asset type to establish platform governance, generate liquidity, and incentivize their communities.

Non-Fungible Tokens

An NFT is a verifiable digital token that represents true ownership of an asset on the blockchain. These assets are unique and therefore are not mutually interchangeable.

The Skalex minting tool allows for tokenizing assets on the blockchain.

Proof of Ownership Assets

The proof of ownership is an asset type that encodes special characteristics to the NFTs smart contract, that can be used to tokenize things like user credentials, certificates, permissions and memberships.

Creating truly decentralized mechanics for authentication.

Live Assets

Live Assets or Mutable Assets are dynamic NFTs that react to triggers and/or change over time. (Melt, evaporate, die, combine, vest).

The special characteristics of this asset type provides an ideal solution for blockchain powered games and real time applications.

Vault Assets

Vault Assets are used to secure and hide asset bundles (such as surprise gifts, escrow, secrets, raffle, Gacha Mechanics) creating true value for your community by applying gamification techniques.

Bundled Assets

Bundled assets are algebraic asset types. Structured assets that are formed by composing other asset types.

A good example of a bundled asset would be a user’s inventory. The inventory is unique and it is composed of multiple NFTs.
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