Our leading trading solutions, renowned white label exchange platform, and blockchain infrastructure have been the core building blocks to many successful businesses. Take the journey with us as we consistently aim to innovate and grow.
Wallet Solutions
Skalex’s multi-currency wallet supports all types of digital assets. It is equipped with the latest security measures, as to ensure peace of mind when launching production ready products.
Whitelabel Crypto Exchange
Skalex exchange software supports both, CeFi and DeFi operations. Our advanced trading engine, years of experience building custom blockchain solutions makes us the #1 provider in the space.
Asset Tokenization Platform
Digital Assets are an ever evolving market, our asset tokenization platform allows you to tokenize and apply the use of smart contracts to power your DAPPs and digital operations smoothly.
Liquidity Solutions
Skalex provides multiple liquidity options, such as traditional market makers and connections to external exchanges, to automated market making and liquidity pools such as uniswap.
Staking Platform
Staking provides an incredible incentive for your community. Skalex provides a state of the art staking platform where users can stake many cryptocurrencies or apply the same logic towards play-to-earn type games.
NFT Marketplaces
NFT technology has come to revolutionize the Web3 space. Anywhere from digital collectibles to smart contracts. Skalex has built a custom NFT platform built on Substrate that allows you to build marketplaces and other exciting platforms.
Escrow Wallets
An Escrow Wallet can be useful in many situations. Skalex has built an escrow payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and NFTs that allow for partial and provably fair economic transactions.
Turnkey DAO
System governance is one of the most important things to consider when build DAPPs and private economies. We have built a DAO using substrate that is customizable based on the needs of your ecosystem.
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Skalex’s blockchain solutions are utilized worldwide.
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