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Set up your white-label cryptocurrency exchange right away. Numerous established bitcoin, crypto, and commodity exchanges worldwide use our software to run their business successfully.

skalex Crypto Exchange Software

The skalex white-label exchange solution is designed for rapid deployment, extreme scalability, high performance, and extensive white-label customizations. Our cryptocurrency exchange software provides a full-stack solution that allows exchange operators to quickly develop profitable revenue streams.

What Are the Key Features of skalex’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

With its micro-based architecture, our software is highly scalable and supports all performance levels. Additionally, the software’s different modules make our exchange solution very versatile; you can customize every part to any extent. A variety of specific features or add-ons are available to enhance the functionalities of the exchange software, which enables customization on a quick timeline and at a low cost.

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    Order Matching

    The trade engine of our software instantly and automatically matches orders between buyers and sellers for the best price available. In addition, we feature different types of orders such as market and limit.

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    Liquidity Tools

    skalex’s exchange software provides several liquidity options, such as Market Maker, DSO (internal/external network of a shared order book), and APIs to external exchanges (e.g. Kraken, BitStamp, itBit), guaranteeing a full order book from the first day of listing. It is also possible to include market maker services from external providers.

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    Integrated Wallet

    Our exchange software includes multi-currency wallets that allow you to easily store and transact different cryptocurrencies. Multisignature cold storage can secure all of the cryptocurrency funds on skalex-based exchanges, allowing you to keep your crypto funds locked up and protected from any external access.

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    Funds Management

    Our integrated wallet software automatically manages all cryptocurrency transactions. Exchange owners can manually control fiat transfers or automate the process by integrating payment processing providers and banking interfaces.

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    Ensuring the transparency and security of your exchange is of immense importance. We offer the integration of third-party providers IDnow, Acuant, 4Stop, SignID and IdentityMind to automate the KYC process on your exchange, and Valegachain and Elliptic as blockchain analysis provider for AML monitoring.

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    Referral Program

    To increase the number of users on your trading platform, we’ve integrated a referral program. This feature enables users to send a referral link to potential new customers. If the new user signs up and trades, the person that sent the link receives a defined percentage of the trading fee as a reward.

Additional Features of skalex’s Exchange Software

Any Currency

You can implement any currency into skalex’s exchange software. From alternative cryptocurrencies such as litecoin and ethereum to fiat currencies like the Chinese RMB, anything can be embedded into your exchange.

Unlimited ERC-20 Tokens

At skalex, we can enable an unlimited number of ERC-20 tokens on your exchange platform. You can also choose to add as many tradable assets as you like.

Any Language

skalex’s exchange software supports any language, even right-to-left writing systems such as Arabic, Hebrew or Persian. You can, of course, implement multiple languages together as well.

Payment Provider Integration

skalex offers the integration of third-party payment processing providers such as Skrill, Paypal, ePay, and Neteller. The integration of these processors makes it easier for users to deposit and withdraw fiat currencies directly to their wallets on the exchange, allowing them to use fiat currencies in a fast and secure way.

Powerful Admin Panel

With our high-end technology frameworks, you get an admin dashboard that allows you to manage your crypto trading platform with exceptional ease. You may blacklist or whitelist IP addresses based on various criteria, such as country, region, and ISP.

IEO Implementation

Our exchange software provides the possibility to easily execute an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). You are able to trade the newly-launched token on the platform immediately.

Negative Trading Fees

The maker taker fee structure allows you to set the maker fees to a negative value, e.g. -0.01%. This allows market makers to generate profit for providing liquidity, stimulating the liquidity on your platform.

Margin Trading

By depositing a margin, traders are able to leverage buying power to open both long and short positions.

Group Fees and Taxes

You can define custom group and personal fees and taxes for withdrawals, deposits and direct transfers.

Email Interfacing

This feature enables you to integrate external mailing services such as Mailchimp into the exchange software.

Merchant Plugin

The Merchant Plugin enables you to provide bitcoin or cryptocurrency payment processing for e-commerce shops.

Autopilot Trading

skalex's Autopilot feature allows traders to buy and sell cryptos automatically, according to the schedule they set up, regardless of price, volatility, or economic conditions.

Maximum Exchange Security

We have designed our solution with best security practices and implemented a multi-layer security architecture, making the exchange virtually impenetrable. Your exchange will be protected with multiple security layers, including two-factor authentication, anti-phishing features, database encryption, DDoS mitigation, network and trade anomaly detection, multisignature cold storage, plus independent penetration testing and source code encryption.

Application Security

  • Two-Factor/Multi-Factor Authentication

    Our software includes standard two-factor authentication mechanisms like e-mail authentication and Google Authenticator for additional login security. You can implement even more authentication methods, as well.

  • Encrypted User Access

    The exchange software embeds our patent-pending “encrypted user access” mechanisms, which further protects the wallet from being hacked.

  • Deep Freeze

    The exchanges hot wallet has an automatic process that swaps cryptofunds to a multisignature cold storage wallet. This cold storage solution enables a group of trust holders to set up multiple multisignature wallets of increasing size.

  • Distributed Architecture With DNS Failover

    Our platforms can run with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), like CloudFlare, to provide DDoS resilience and fast failover. DNSSEC is available based on your DNS Registrars capabilities.

  • Encrypted Data Transmission

    Access to the admin panel requires VPN transmittal. User credentials and certificates are sent over a secure, encrypted tunnel for communication (e.g. PGP or sMIME).

  • TLS Integration

    All traffic to frontends is encrypted with TLS using the latest security cipher suites which are regularly tested by SSL Labs.

  • Internal Traffic Encryption

    All internal component traffic is limited via the rules of subnets and firewalls. Additionally, every connection endpoint is encrypted with tunnels like openvpn, ssh, and IPsec to provide maximum security.

  • Source Code Encryption

    To protect our intellectual property, our source code is pre-compiled with an encryption layer.

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    User Data Separation

    User data is stored physically or logically separated from other data. Data backups are also stored on separated systems.

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    Data Encryption

    Every file system where we store critical information (e.g. wallets, database, kyc buckets) is encrypted with bulletproof cipher suites based on best security practices.

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    Scalability HW and SW

    Scalability of disk space, CPU, and RAM resources are possible within very short maintenance windows (5-10 minutes). Furthermore, you can utilize our modular software for microservices to enable the performance of horizontal auto-scaling.

Main IT Infrastructure Security Measures

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    GeoIP Blocking

    GeoIP blocking for compliance purposes with a CDN like CloudFlare, directly in apache2 with mod_geoIP, or via firewall is available.

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    Multiple Firewalls

    Multiple Layer3 firewalls are configured to protect the exchange infrastructure (e.g., DMZ access or even private subnets).

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    Intrusion Detection System

    Intrusion detection systems (e.g., checking for port knocking, correct firewall configurations, activity monitoring for compliance and risk auditing, malware detection) are in place.

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Our exchange software proves to be highly reliable and sophisticated thanks to years of development and continuous optimization

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Multiple layers of security mitigate hacking attempts and ensure that your funds always remain safe. Our DevOps consultants are located in Munich and meet the highest quality requirements.

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