Considering Hyperledger for Enterprise Blockchain in 2021

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Wondering whether blockchain technology will help augment your business enterprise? If so, which blockchain project to subscribe and why to use Hyperledger? Is it because of the private nature of Hyperledger Fabric ideal for handling sensitive information? Learn from our comprehensive guide here.

Linux has reached the peak of the hype surrounding blockchain technology with its blockchain project Hyperledger. The highly protective and private platform is used by several industries, especially mobile games which offer the Bonus 20 euro upon registration.


Why Should You Choose Blockchain Technology For Your Business?

For any business that mandates transactions, blockchain is the most secure method that modern technology can offer against unauthorized modification of data. One of the main advantages of blockchain is that the data can only be appended to its structure, without changing any properties of the existing information. The static registry in real estate business and banking sectors is greatly benefited through the employment of this technology. Since the data is recorded once and cannot be altered unless permitted, you can easily track the information in case of disputes or ambiguity.

The creation and management of digital assets have been made easier through the in-built tokenization feature. Once you make the data entry in the block, it is permanently stamped with the time for future verification. Each block is secured through protected cryptography. Besides, highly sensitive information like warranties and ownership are added and stored only after it has passed through the trust protocol, which requires the approval of all the involved parties.

Among the many benefits of blockchain technology, trusted transactions are the ones sought after. Since it is a secure network with anonymous participants, that is, participants whose identities are kept secret; there is no restriction as to who engages business deals with whom. In a sub chain, there are countless peer computers, each containing the transaction data. This is unlike centralized networks where information is stored with a single, main authoritative user with the risk of a data breach by hackers. Mobile gaming applications like the Book of Ra use blockchain to minimize manipulation of results and to offer a seamless exchange of money.

Blockchain technology is efficient and easy to use as each peer can verify the transaction by itself without the assistance of third-parties. Handling of money and data becomes smooth as there are no unnecessary delays involving transferring software or country-specific protocol. In fact, you can present conditions for business deals. The deals will be executed only after these existing conditions are met, and you won’t need to set them every time.

Investing In Blockchain Technology – Which Factors Should You Check?

Want to use a blockchain framework for your business enterprise? Keep these factors in mind.

  • The license of the blockchain: Who has licensed the blockchain platform? How will the administration and control of the framework take place?
  • Cost: How much will you have to pay for the blockchain framework? Is the subscription free? Or do you have to subscribe to a monthly or yearly package plan before using it? The best plan is the one that keeps you covered for three to four years so that you don’t regret spending your money too frequently.
  • The license of the blockchain: Security: Is the technology secure and flexible? Can it accommodate large amounts of data? How will it impact your business? Do you have to change your strategy?
  • Activity: Does the blockchain entail an active community? Is it updated regularly? Without active development features, a dead platform won’t help facilitate your business.
  • Private or public? Does it require permission to be accessible, or is it open to all? Which security option suits your business? Private ones are more beneficial for enterprises, while public blockchain solutions benefit individuals.


What is Hyperledger? Why Is It Better Than Others?

Hyperledger is a collaborative project of leaders in multiple sectors around the world, including banking conglomerates. It has been founded by Linux and supported by IBM. It has been created with the aim to facilitate new blockchain technology across industries. You can build open-source blockchain solutions for your enterprise from the library of tools and frameworks provided by Hyperledger.

Advantages of using Hyperledger in blockchain technology applications:

  • Provides absolute privacy: Particularly suited for financial enterprises, Hyperledger project is a private blockchain, which provides access only under permission. This is where it excels over public platforms like Bitcoin. Supposing your business concerns highly confidential data which can be handled only by experts. Then, you would require applying some data protection law that requires the approval of peers before accessing the information. Using Hyperledger, you can grant permission to credible parties only, which won’t breach the security.
  • Optimized scalability: In Hyperledger, only the signature nodes and the chain code of read/write set are required to execute transactions. This facilitates easier transactions, hence attracting more peers. Moreover, only the ones who promote and execute the transaction can view its workings, hence the deal has to go through fewer verification protocols.

Hyperledger Blockchain Platform – What Are The Various Sub-Projects?

Linux has designed a number of blockchain frameworks under the banner of Hyperledger for application in various industrial sectors. Also known as DLT or Distributed Ledger Technologies, these can store any general asset, other than Hyperledger Indy, which stores only decentralized digital identities. These are as follows:

  • Hyperledger BESU – Originally named Pantheon; Hyperledger BESU operates on both public and private networks and works by implementing Ethereum.
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth – Developed by Intel in collaboration with Linux, it is coded in Python and supports networks without permission as well.
  • Hyperledger Iroha – Another modular blockchain technology under Hyperledger, Iroha has an algorithm that withstands sudden crashes. Its simple construction makes it useful for mobile applications.
  • Hyperledger Fabric – It executes chain code or smart contracts and offers plug-and-play service, which is a private blockchain platform.

Hyperledger fabric is being advocated by a number of multinational companies like Oracle and JP Morgan for its high security of confidential data. It is the future of cashless industries and is highly reliable for business.

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