August 17, 2022 Skalex

August 2022 Release Notes

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August 17, 2022

Introducing Skalex exchange version 4.2.0

Skalex Release Notes v4.2.0


We are happy to announce that Skalex has released a new version of the exchange platform, version 4.2.0. It brings an improved set of technologies, new features, and fixes.

The Skalex exchange platform consists of 5 components: admin panel – cx-admin, exchange frontend – cx-client, engine – cx-engine, API – cx-server, and wallet – cx-wallet. Our development and infrastructure teams are constantly working on making Skalex’s exchange software even more secure, flexible, and robust.

What’s new in version 4.2.0

Engine changes:

  • Support for 18 decimal places
  • Price Alert System
  • Referral System improvement
  • Market Maker Taker implementation
  • Improvement for engine code encryption
  • New Java based rate service for base price on market maker
  • Removal of implementation for ticks
  • Group and personal trading feature
  • Tax fee implementation
  • Order slippage implementation
  • Buy fixes

Wallet changes:

  • Added support/fixes/improvements for latest daemon versions for BTC/DASH/DOGE/LTC/ETH & ERC20 tokens
  • Implementation of external wallet functionality
  • Logs improvements, addition of important logs in the admin panel overview
  • Improved AWS bucket handling
  • Updated code and removal of deprecations
  • Improvement of wallet encryption flow and secure storage of wallet password & passphrases in the admin panel
  • Bug fixes & improvements

UI changes:

  •  Auto hide market order on UI when disabled via the admin panel
  • Recurring Buy/Sell orders
  • New and improved support page design and functionality
  • OTC trading (off market)
  • Buy/Sell amount calculation improvements
  • New password restrictions
  • User re-login is not needed if the session cookie is still valid
  • Price Alert System: Watchpoint and functionality
  • Easy Buy/Sell 
  • Addition of content security policy to htaccess
  • New email address change process
  • Captcha can be enabled via the admin panel
  • Separate login page
  • Update of the email template design
  • Tradingview chart updated to new version
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Backend changes:

  • Support for 18 decimal places
  • Updated Symfony from 4.1 to 4.4 version
  • Recurring Buy/Sell orders functionality
  • Reserved, real and total balances displayed at the admin panel
  • Editor for notes, support and announcements
  • Withdrawal blocks on the admin panel
  • Email address change requests
  • Price Alert System
  • Cryptocurrency transfers overview
  • Cryptocurrency address search functionality
  • Market order slippage
  • Disable market orders
  • cxWallet configuration to the admin panel
  • External wallet implementation (Bitgo)
  • Possibility to set primary and secondary exchanges for base price on market maker
  • Rate service overview for base price on market maker
  • Customizable “Blockchain explorer url” field for currencies
  • “Maintenance” button for currencies
  • API restrictions for each KYC level
  • New parameters “AsyncExportConfig, awsAccess, awsBucket, awsRegion, awsSecret” for the configuration page
  • Possibility to set HTML templates for the email CMS
  • OTC trading
  • New support functionality on the UI
  • New password restriction for end users and admins
  • Bug fixes and improvements