August 17, 2022 Skalex

August 2022 Release Notes

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August 17, 2022

Introducing Skalex exchange version 5.0

We are happy to announce that Skalex has released a new version of the exchange platform, version 5.0. It brings an improved set of technologies, new features, and fixes.

The Skalex exchange platform consists of 5 components: admin panel – cx-admin, exchange frontend – cx-client, engine – cx-engine, API – cx-server, and wallet – cx-wallet. Our development and infrastructure teams are constantly working on making Skalex’s exchange software even more secure, flexible, and robust.

What’s new in version 5.0

Engine changes:

  • Improvement for db connection
  • License based Referral System
  • Implementation for recurring fee
  • Implementation for B2C2
  • Implementation for allow creating market orders on external exchange (Kraken, B2C2)
  • Fixes for notification
  • Improvement for Redis regarding MaxLen for redis stream
  • Improvement for personal and group trading fee
  • Fixes for Market Maker and Taker
  • Improvement for read API key and secret for DB
  • Rate Provider Service:
  • Improvement for Websocket implementation
  • Implementation for Currency Layer, Cryptowatch, B2C2
  • Improvement for Redis connection
  • New Services:
    Ticker Service: This service is responsible to create ticker and store them in redis
    Chart Service: This service is responsible to build chart candles rapidly and store in redis

Wallet changes:

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Switch from one wallet service to independent wallet service for each currency
  • ETH & ERC20 tokens transfer fixes & improvements
  • Bitcoin fee fixes
  • Improved handling for ETH gas prices
  • Default gas price calculation and backup alternative
  • User notification improvements for crypto withdrawals
  • Backup wallets on AWS – fixes, encrypted credentials in database
  • New logger parameter and possibility to debug errors with more details
  • New balance log service
  • Fixed wallet precision for decimal places


UI changes:

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Added Websockets
  • Notifications and announcements moved to WebSockets
  • API Key generation with different level of access
  • Lightweight functionality added
  • Google SSO (login and registration)
  • Validation for Bank account creation
  • New decimal settings for each market separately
  • Fee calculation on UI
  • Translations now come from admin panel and can be changed there
  • Pagination fixes
  • Direct Crypto Transfer functionality

Backend changes:

  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Translation management
  • License based Referral System
  • Implementation for recurring fee
  • Liquidity sources configuration on admin panel
  • Lightweight clients feature
  • SSO configuration on admin panel
  • Approving request to create/edit/delete admin user by other admin users
  • Approving request for deep-freeze functionality by other admin users
  • API-KEY fix vulnerability
  • New component: web socket server