Ambassador Program

Become An Ambassador

skalex favicon You have contacts into the fintech scene and want to become an ambassador of skalex.

skalex favicon Introducing skalex as a potential service provider enables you to receive a commission sharing in case of successful closing.

Discover the Benefits

skalex favicon Referring leads to skalex will provide you a 10% commission* for any turnover generated by this project.


skalex favicon  You will receive an overview of generated turnover each quarter so you can send us an invoice.


* applies to all fees, limited to the first 12 months after closing the deals.

What do I need to do to become an ambassador?

skalex favicon Fill out the application form here.

skalex favicon Wait for confirmation.

skalex favicon Sign the ambassador contract.

skalex favicon Introduce skalex software to your network, and start earning commissions.